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Daniel – A Commentary

ISBN: 0991232909

About This Book

The Book of Daniel is one of the most important ancient texts in the world. It is rich with practical information for followers of Christ, as well as being one of the most technical books in the Bible with regard to prophecy.

Chris White goes verse by verse through Daniel with meticulous detail, especially in regard to the prophetic portions. He expands on many long held positions held by conservative expositors, while departing from them on a few others. Notably his “contemporaneous beast view” of Daniel 7, as well as a view on Daniel 9 that proposes to solve some long standing problems for conservatives like himself.

White focuses in on the Antichrist at many points in the book with an intent to separate tradition from scripture about this figure. Its clear that White believes that the church can know a good deal more about the geopolitical situation just prior and during the rise of Antichrist. White offers a number of insights to the reader about this awful figure that aren’t often articulated by modern prophecy teachers…but should be.

White is a very conservative premillennial / dispensational expositor, holding to a strict “face value” Hermeneutic. He stays away from sensational or speculative matters, and makes sure to give the reader plenty of options, especially in the occasions when he departs from traditional interpretations.