BPT – EP 58 – Are the Abraham Accords The Fulfillment of Daniel 9:27 “Peace Deal” “Covenant Made with Many”

This is the audio of a video Bible study on Daniel 9:27. I talk about why I think the recent peace deals with the UAE and Bahrain are not a fulfilment of Dan 9:27, I show a couple ways to know for sure if it is. I then go in to what I think Daniel 9:27 is referring to and go over a passage in 2 Chronicles that I think could be very relevant to this issue.

BPT – Peace Deals? and More on the Midpoint Mark of the Beast

I talk a bit about what the bible says about the covenant made with many in Daniel 9:27 and compare it to the UAE deal. I also go through some of the reasoning behind the mark of the beast coming only after the abomination of desolation at the midpoint. I conclude with some some thoughts on Dana Coverstone, and some random ramblings about the state of the world.

Bible Prophecy Interview with Chris White – Like Flint Radio

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This audio is an extensive interview I did recently on Like Flint Radio. We covered so much ground that I thought BPT listeners would enjoy it.

Description from LFR:
It’s a warm welcome to Chris White of Revelations Radio Network and Bible Prophecy Talk. In this show, Chris shares with us his insightful and thought-provoking research for his upcoming book, “Jewish Antichrist” – a follow on from his book, “Mystery Babylon: When Jerusalem Embraces the Antichrist”. Will the Antichrist be Jewish? What did the Church Fathers have to say about this? Are there any proof texts that support these assertions? What are the expectations of modern Jewish eschatology and how could this play a role in the rise and fall of the Antichrist?

BPT – The Disastrous Results of Jewish and Islamic Eschatology

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In this episode I am combining 3 chapters from my upcoming book Anti-Messiah. I first do an overview of both Jewish and Islamic end times beliefs and the put it all together in a hypothetical chronological scenario of how both of them work together to advance the Antichrist’s agenda.