BPT – EP 62 – The Islamic Antichrist Theory Debunked – FULL 8 HOUR AUDIOBOOK

This is my book (Chris White) and I have decided to give it away from here on out. I feel like this book contains a lot of information over and above the refutation of the Islamic Antichrist theory that could be helpful for the watchman in the future.

Free PDF download: https://bibleprophecytalk.com/uploads/Islamic_Antichrist_Debunked_Chris_White.pdf

Kindle / Paperback / or Audible Audiobook on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Islamic-Antichrist-Debunked-Comprehensive-Critique/dp/0991232941/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=islamic+antichrist+debunked&qid=1605224020&sr=8-2

BPT – EP 57 – Daniel’s 70 Weeks – The Story of 4 Temples – 2 Down, 2 to Go

Today I am replaying an episode from a verse-by-verse series I did some years back on Daniel 9. This is a different take on Daniel 9 than many of us probably have heard before. As watchmen, I think it will be pretty helpful for bringing into focus and identifying the beginning of the 70th week. I just realized that this audio had gone missing, so here is is again. Here is a PDF copy of these materials as well.

This series eventually became a commentary,  Daniel – A Commentary.

BPT – Peace Deals? and More on the Midpoint Mark of the Beast

I talk a bit about what the bible says about the covenant made with many in Daniel 9:27 and compare it to the UAE deal. I also go through some of the reasoning behind the mark of the beast coming only after the abomination of desolation at the midpoint. I conclude with some some thoughts on Dana Coverstone, and some random ramblings about the state of the world.

Thoughts on Mystery Babylon and the Antichrist’s Triumphal Entry

I started out answering some emails sent in about Mystery Babylon, particularly about whether its a port city or not and if Jerusalem or Mecca can qualify if it is, (its not). I then talk about the concept of the gentiles “trampling” the city for 42 months in Rev 11:2 and Luke 21. This naturally led to a rambling discussion of a possible timeline of the Antichrist’s triumphal entry which as we see is implied in Daniel 11-12. Lot’s of stuff going on in this one.

Mystery Babylon: When Jerusalem Embraces the Antichrist:
False Christ
The Islamic Antichrist Debunked
Daniel a Commentary