BPT – Thoughts on Daniel 11

I continue to test some recent theories in light of various passages in the Bible. In this episode I talk about Daniel 11 in depth. I also spend a lot of time discussing a new commentary from J. Paul Tanner Daniel – Evangelical Exegetical Commentary https://www.amazon.com/Evangelical-Exegetical-Commentary-Daniel-EEC/dp/168359309X

BPT – EP 67 – 7 Headed 10 Horned Beast Part 3 – Daniel 2 Remix

In this episode I go back through Daniel chapter 2 and try to set aside preconceived notions to see what can be known about this important chapter before we move on in our study of the 7 headed 10 horned Beast.

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BPT – EP 57 – Daniel’s 70 Weeks – The Story of 4 Temples – 2 Down, 2 to Go

Today I am replaying an episode from a verse-by-verse series I did some years back on Daniel 9. This is a different take on Daniel 9 than many of us probably have heard before. As watchmen, I think it will be pretty helpful for bringing into focus and identifying the beginning of the 70th week. I just realized that this audio had gone missing, so here is is again. Here is a PDF copy of these materials as well.

This series eventually became a commentary,  Daniel – A Commentary.

Thoughts on Mystery Babylon and the Antichrist’s Triumphal Entry

I started out answering some emails sent in about Mystery Babylon, particularly about whether its a port city or not and if Jerusalem or Mecca can qualify if it is, (its not). I then talk about the concept of the gentiles “trampling” the city for 42 months in Rev 11:2 and Luke 21. This naturally led to a rambling discussion of a possible timeline of the Antichrist’s triumphal entry which as we see is implied in Daniel 11-12. Lot’s of stuff going on in this one.

Mystery Babylon: When Jerusalem Embraces the Antichrist:
False Christ
The Islamic Antichrist Debunked
Daniel a Commentary

Bible Prophecy Interview with Chris White – Like Flint Radio

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[audio: http://likeflintradio.com/lfrShow02.mp3]

This audio is an extensive interview I did recently on Like Flint Radio. We covered so much ground that I thought BPT listeners would enjoy it.

Description from LFR:
It’s a warm welcome to Chris White of Revelations Radio Network and Bible Prophecy Talk. In this show, Chris shares with us his insightful and thought-provoking research for his upcoming book, “Jewish Antichrist” – a follow on from his book, “Mystery Babylon: When Jerusalem Embraces the Antichrist”. Will the Antichrist be Jewish? What did the Church Fathers have to say about this? Are there any proof texts that support these assertions? What are the expectations of modern Jewish eschatology and how could this play a role in the rise and fall of the Antichrist?