Daniel 12 – The Eschaton

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The end of this study and the end of time all in one chapter.
Tune in for the climactic end to the book of Daniel, with a more than a few items to ponder about.

Daniel 11:36-45 – The Antichrist and his Wars

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This is a very interesting section of the book of Daniel. We find out more about the Antichrist from these few verses than just about any other place in scripture.

Daniel 11: 1-35 – Gabriel’s History In Advance Course

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This is one of the most historically dense sections of scripture. Listen to this and be amazed at how accurately the Bible portrays history before it occurs.

Daniel 10 – The Mystery Man vs The Prince of Persia

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I continue my verse by verse study through the book of Daniel
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Daniel 9:20-27 – 70 Weeks – An Alternative View

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The longest and most research intensive study I have done in the series so far. I expand on former Moody professor Charles Cooper’s view of Daniel 9 from his book God’s Elect and the Great Tribulation.  I hope this challenges you as much as it did me.