Dr. J. Paul Tanner’s Paper on Future Apostate Jerusalem as Mystery Babylon

Dr. J. Paul Tanner published a paper called A Proposal for (Future) Apostate Jerusalem’s Role in a Progressive Dispensational Eschatology The paper was presented at the SW Regional meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. Fort Worth, TX, Mar 31, 2017 and is published in the Journal for Evangelical Theological Society.

My book Mystery Babylon was quoted a few times in the paper and I think Dr. Tanner did an excellent job at presenting the case as usual. Its good to see the theory getting some attention in the scholarly communities and I hope to see more of the same.

This is my first post in a few years. I am still not quite sure how much I will be posting but I have been kicking around a few ideas, and feel like I might have a bit more to say in the future, specifically about Bible prophecy. As of right now though, most of my ideas are half baked and need a lot of research. Probably a good idea would be to sign up for the email list on this page in case there are important updates.

Thanks to everyone for their patience.