NTR – Partial Preterism and Historicism Debunked – Part 1

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This is a two our edit of an audio that I did for a friend to refute the partial preterism of R.C. Sproul / Hank Hanegraaff. This first audio also has elements that will debunk “Historicism” but the main debunking of that will be in part 2.

I also edited in a lengthy debunking of the idea that the Jesuits; Manuel Lacunza and Francisco Ribera were the inventors of dispensationalism or alternatively the Future antichrist/tribulation/rapture idea.

I also do a lengthy verse by verse refutation of the partial preterist view of Matthew 24 as well as other passages.

Show Notes:

A great resource on preterism debunking

Refutation of the Jesuit conspiracy written by a Calvanist

The real Manuel Lacunza and the Adventist connection to him written by an Adventist:

A refutation of Historicism:

My commentary on Daniel 9:

Debunking the day year theory: