The Parousia Explained – Rapture and Armageddon

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The word “parousia” (coming) is only used 24 times in the New Testament; The definition includes and encompasses all the things that Christ will do, starting with the rapture–His visible return, the raising of the dead, the last judgment, and the setting up of the kingdom after Armageddon; The rapture will be the first thing to happen at His coming (“parousia”), but there are not multiple “parousias”; There is only one word that is used to describe all of those tasks; In Greek literature, the word was used to describe a visit from a king to the area that the king ruled over; It was used to refer to his arrival, and the entirety of his visit… the “parousia” or “coming” of the king could last a long time; Matthew 13:30; Matthew 13:39-40; Matthew 24:4-8; He says that in the days leading up to His “parousia”, there are going to be signposts, but He warns us that these should not be confused with the End of the Age, or the Wrath of God; These signs are only the beginnings of sorrows–the word there is “birth pangs” in some translations

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