BPT – The 7 Kings of Revelation 17:9-11

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In this episode I talk about the most recent film/book project I am working on as well as a lengthy discussion about the 7 kings of Revelation 17 (Five have fallen on it, and the other has not yet come…)

BPT – Origins of Islamic Eschatology in Christian Apocalyptic Pseudepigrapha

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In this episode I talk about how the hadith material is essential stolen from early Syriac apocalyptic pseudepigraphical material and give plenty of examples. I also talk about the implications of this on the Islamic Antichrist theory which relies very heavily on Islamic Eschatology.

BPT – Is the Pope the Antichrist?, Satan and the AC, and Rapture Questions

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In this episode I answer questions about the Catholic church in the end times, Does Satan possess the Antichrist?, and what are the dangers of getting your rapture position wrong.