BPT- What Did the Early Church Believe About the Rapture

In one sense there is no real debate about what the early church fathers believed about the timing of the rapture. However those holding to a pretrib rapture position have offered up various theories concerning the Didache, Pseudo Ephraim and a host of other documents which they claim support their view as opposed to the traditional view. I think this discussion is as facilitating as it is frustrating. So join me as I mostly refute the paper by James F. Stitzinger published by the Masters Seminary: https://tms.edu/msj/msj13-2-1/

BPT 2.0 – Political Football & Imminence is Absurd

In this episode I talk about how the news about politics has become a lot like watching sports, and how its not a good idea to put out hopes in justice in this world, though I think we should strive for it. I also go through the idea of imminence and overuse the word “absurd.”

Jimmy Deyoung Debunked by Alan Kurschner

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Alan Kurschner, and Chris White make some critical points about a recent video put out by Brannon House. It is a video interview of Jimmy Deyoung which claims to give evidence for the pretribulational rapture. Both Alan and Chris hold to the “Prewrath” view of the rapture.

Alan’s Website

Prewrath Video “The Rapture Puzzle Solved” (explaining the position in detail)

Alan an Chris discuss if Matthew 24 is for the church or not:

Rapture Imminence Debunked

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The doctrine of “imminence” held by pretribulationalists: the idea that no events, prophetic or otherwise, need to occur before the rapture happens (it could have occurred at any moment in the last 2,000 years); This is contrasted with the many events that must precede the Day of the Lord; If the rapture and the Day of the Lord are back-to-back events, the rapture could not have happened for the last 2,000 years; There is a time period in which the Lord’s return will be imminent, but only after certain events take place first… but after they do, it will be imminent; Church writings never taught that the rapture could come before the Antichrist until the 1800s