Michael The Archangel – The Restrainer of 2 Thessalonians 2: 6-7

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in 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul talks about this enigmatic “restrainer”; He talks to the Thessalonians like it’s old news; Paul may have gotten his understanding of the identity and purpose for the restrainer from Matthew 24; 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 5-8; The pretribulational view teaches that the restrainer is the Holy Spirit, and that He will be removed with the church at the rapture; There is a scriptural problem here, though… the logic of the restrainer being the Holy Spirit and being removed at the rapture is an impossibility; The scriptural order is: 1) the restrainer is taken out of the way, 2) the Antichrist is revealed, 3) the church is raptured; The answer to the question of who the restrainer is lies in the book of Daniel, in a parallel verse to Matthew 24:15-22; Daniel 12:1; Zechariah 13; It actually appears that Michael stops restraining at the abomination of desolation; Daniel 7:25; Revelation 12:7-10, 12-14; Jude 1:9

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  1. I’d like to say first that if I’m wrong I’ll be down here with you and we will still be brothers in Christ, but If you are wrong on the way up I’ll look over and give you a wink, and we will still be brothers in Christ. The theory that Michael is the restrainer I would argue with, in that Lucifer was God’s second in command and is the god of this world (the prince of the power of the air) Michael doesn’t have juice to hold him back. Right before I was married what I didn’t do was to go to my bride was punch her in the nose, knock her down kick her or bloody her up, none of that makes sense. And if doesn’t make sense to a man covered by the blood, then surely it wouldn’t make sense to the one who covered me by the blood. Of course I’m referring the church being the bride of Christ. As you’ve done with other scripture (Daniel) to make your point I too point to being caught up in the air ( I’m sure you’ve heard this one). What sense would it make for the church to be caught up in the air just to be brought right back down? I believe God is more logical than that, what would be the point? there would no glory in that for him. Again we are brothers in Christ either way, may God bless and keep you. Joe

  2. Consider this: The Hebrew word for “arise” is “ammad”, which means, “to stand”. However, Michael is the one who fights for the people of God, Israel, and so he is always standing. In that scenario, “to stand” or “amad” means, “to stand still”. If you are already standing it means to stand still. If you are lying down or sitting, it means to stand up or arise.

    So, the sense in the Hebrew is that Michael, who is standing and fighting or protecting, stops and is still. That is how he is “removed”. It could be that he goes elsewhere to fight, but that is a secondary consideration.

    the Tanakh, the Jewish Bible, reads this way: “At that time, the great prince, Michael, who stands beside the sons of your people, will appear.” Perhaps another way of stating this is: “At that time, the great prince, Michael, will appear standing beside the sons of your people.”? Not sure, but it links well with the explanation of “ammad” above. The image that is not suggested that Michael moves from standing between the people of God and Satan and now takes himself out of the way and is still, standing beside them.

    Just some thoughts. Great, great web site, by the way. Really enjoy what you have here.

  3. Don’t let anyone say that your not correct, for I will give this information, The Governments know there is a possibility that Michael will be born human and he is fighting all ready with many nations eg: the UN the EU, Israel, he is a real person that is in Security and justice and is in constant war with the powers within government of course you will know this as he fights with the kingdoms and its enough to restrain them for they are in fear of that he is real. Satan dwells in heaven and this blocks Satan from being down here yet. He has so much proof of what he is and who he is. Not all believe but the few high in power who know the truth. Being in reality is enough to throw them into a panic, and remember GOD protects him. What is written in the bible is in fact reality right now, Michael is here for the children of GOD, he protects them just by being here the same as Jesus was here in the flesh, he knows he will leave when the antichrist claims to be GOD as Michael will be called up to heaven to remove Satan at that time, and so on and he will be there with Jesus, and no Michael does not have a cult or following, hes on his own and that’s the way it will be.

  4. Not all people who seek the truth are rewarded as one must remember evil studies the bible also but the people who are evil read not and shall not understand and the people who are spoon fed the answers by their twisted understanding are led astray.

    If the holy sprit is within you, you have one that guides you to truth and the understanding of it.

    God son was made flesh, the 16 prophets were in the flesh, the two witness end times are in the flesh all because God had to have people to say and do the deeds required.

    Satan will have his Antichrist in the flesh and his false prophet in the flesh, so is all this information giving one the information that Michael can be in the flesh right now and Governments know this and so does the Antichrist and the false prophet also.

    From intelligence agency reports a certain Michael does exist. You and the churches know nothing about this discovery, you are so raped in your self centred beliefs that you not even realise what has been found, and truths and information lacking due to your ignorance.

    The Vatican is in its last attempts to protect itself from the antichrist yet the blood and corruption on its hands is to great and the antichrist will destroy it and by the Vatican own written deeds will show how evil behind its doors were in the past and present times, yes it’s the whore and God will not protect it at all.

    Many forget that Michael bowed to Adam and Satan did not, Satan lost his chance to be a son of God and is his replacement was Jesus and this is why Jesus is the son of God that was made flesh.

    Don’t ever think that Good people do not exist in Governments they do, but only have so much power to do good and to protect. Leaders are but puppets to their own greed and status and follow a greater evil that rewards them.

    From what we know Michael is here and being here this places a restraint on Governments no matter if they believe or not, the antichrist will also be cautious also just that his existence frightens many, from what we gather when the antichrist is revealed in the temple claiming to be God Michael will be called up to heaven to war with Satan and throw him out and down to the earthly realm and enter into the antichrist to proclaim him self as a God and will kill the two wittiness.

    Its not important if the people believe it or not for the people will not believe it even if they discovered him and only the Government agency has the man power, technology, money, and collection of information on people born in every nation almost, but God made sure the nations powers would know of his existence, therefore we know of his existence and now know what is the truth, and what will be physically real in this world.

    So dream on and wonder who right, and who is filled with the holy sprit of truth. Faith is of the purest of sprit, and the finding of the evidence is of the real understanding of truth. Your all now in the physical real end times, if you think not, then go back to sleep in the dust of the walking dead around you. There is no argument when the truth has been revealed.

  5. …say what Joe???…Michael does not have the juice…2 combat a (FALLEN) satan??? …OK…so how come on his (satan’s) own home turf (EARTH)…Michael denied him the body of Moses…he (Michael) physically restrained satan w/out railing verbal accusations…Jude 1:19…speaking of Jude…he (Jude) quoted Enoch…Jude 1:14 (from the book of Enoch) which gives credence 2 the book of Enoch…that advocates Michael as the superior in might…OH YEAH…satan delegated one of his chief demons (prince of persia) 2 restrain Gabriel of Daniels vision…Gabriel called upon Michael…who defeated satans minion…WHY…did not satan come 2 the aid of his chief demon ???according to you he is juiced up…a time is coming soon…when the almighty God…gives Michael the green light 2 throw satan out 4 good

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